sUAS Crime & Accident Scene Investigations Mapping

Designed For All UAS 3D Mapping Mission Sets

Course Summary

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the 3D Mapping software applications are emerging as extremely accurate and efficient tools for crime and accident scene documentation and enhanced investigations.  It is remarkable to consider that if it can be seen with the naked eye, enhanced magnification, thermal imagery, or with an infrared camera, it can be almost perfectly preserved forever.  This new technology is changing how we can best serve the public.  In this hands-on course students will:

  • Explain unmanned aircraft capabilities for scene documentation
  • Describe agency operations and protocols
  • Select UAV-CSI equipment and software
  • Demonstrate data collection
  • Demonstrate crime/accident scene processing using Pix4D, Drone Deploy, or SkyBrowse
  • Demonstrate expert courtroom testimony

Course Information

Part Number: INV-21
Course Length:
3 days (24 hours)

Max Class Size: 18 students
Prerequisites: None
Technical Level: Intermediate sUAS Operators
Student Requirements: None
Recommended For: Criminalist, Accident Investigators, Detectives, sUAS Operators Creation
Notes: None

Course Presentation Requirements

  • Classroom large enough to accommodate three groups of five students per table (recommended 6’ round tables)
  • One six-foot standard rectangle banquet-style table with three chairs for instructors (located in the back of the room)
  • One six-foot standard rectangle banquet-style table (located in the front of the classroom)
  • Internet Access
  • Podium (If available, not required)
  • Audio, projector & screen or equivalent flatscreen TV system for presentations
  • Securable room for equipment storage and charging 250-350 square feet (must have access to power)
  • Class G airspace (or otherwise permissible to fly at night) with a minimum 200-foot ceiling
  • Outdoor flying area
    • Approximately the size of a football field
    • Ability/space to simulate an automobile accident
    • Flat unobstructed area clear of trees and overhead power lines/obstacles
    • Preferable if there is a small structure, storage shed, office, or house
  • All COVID-19 protocols, testing, cleaning, and supplies are the responsibility of the host agency.

Course Scheduling

Khepra IncLACRTC, America’s leading Unmanned Aircraft Systems training innovator and largest certified California public safety trainer, is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Khepra Inc. to present their training courses through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule under Contract Number 47QTCA1800KZ. LACRTC courses can be found in Special Item Numbers 611512 (flight training).

To schedule training:
John Laskowski
Khepra Inc.
(805) 914-5800

Mailing Address:
17595 Mt Herrmann St.
Fountain Valley CA 92708

office: (888) 782-4969



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